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Commissioning AJL Jewelry is an enthralling journey that culminates in a customized one-of-a-kind creation.  It is sometimes best to inspire the narrative in order for your jewelry to convey a tale. Make your concept a reality with our exceptional personalized service.  Anna invites you to accompany her on an adventure of creative discovery and workmanship from their workshop in Cape May County.

Contact AJL to discuss your ideas or to schedule a private session.

Creating a new bespoke design 

  • Initial email or pre-consultation  After receiving an initial inquiry, Anna requests that you visit Pinterest and our Instagram account for references of themes, styles, or designs that you enjoy. This approach gives Anna valuable information about your tastes and vision, and it aids in the creation of a solid picture of the dream item Anna will design.
  • Consultation  Virtual or in-person consultations are available.  Anna will prepare for your meeting based on the first thoughts you discussed during your pre-consultation. These consultations can be conducted remotely or at our CMCH studio by arrangement.  This stage of the process entails determining your perfect design, and Anna will zero in on the preferred stone type/shape/size/color, as well as any other finer details. 
  • Confirmation of Order. After your price has been approved, a 50-75 percent payment is required to reserve your unique order. We will also email you our commission conditions to sign. At this point, we will be able to provide an estimated completion date for your one-of-a-kind work. Your order will then be processed, with the remaining payment payable upon completion. The lead time for bespoke creation ranges from six to twelve weeks.  Anna will move ahead on the specifics of your artwork once you have paid the deposit fee.  Anna may offer sketches and mock-ups of the work to help convey your idea. Anna will not start working on the project unless you are entirely pleased with the outcome.  New designs are first sculpted in bronze so that Anna can refine the composition and fit before carefully handcrafting them in Sterling Silver.
  • Creation. Depending on the project, development durations range from 6 to 16 weeks. With just Anna working on these items, and some of them taking a long time to construct, the process is suitably paced. We check in with our clients every couple of weeks during the production process to ensure that they are kept up to date and that all expectations are satisfied along the way.
  • Check for quality. When the sculpture is finished and has received its final polish, it is subjected to our strict quality inspection procedure, in which we examine every single aspect of the work. If all goes as planned, the customer is notified of completion and the remainder payment is required.
  • Finalization. Once ready, we can ship your beautiful design wrapped in our custom packaging or you can request curb side pick up, ready to find a new home and become a significant part of someone's own narrative.


Commissioning an existing AJL Design

The artistic team at AJL welcomes you to become a part of the creation process by hand picking your own stone or precious material and modifying an existing design from one of Anna's collections. You may want to personalize an item to match your particular style or to give as a gift. Celebrate a significant event with a birthstone, anniversary jewel, or other gemstones with personal significance.

Request a Bespoke Design Consultation

Please fill out the form below and add your preferred date for your bespoke design consultation and please follow the directions from above named, "initial email or pre-consultation".  We currently take bookings for design consultations Monday - Saturday.