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You may be surprised to learn that there are many grades of CZ

It is a widespread misperception that all cubic zirconia stones are identical. As with diamonds, these stunning look-a likes come in a variety of quality levels and price points.

The six classifications used to characterize the quality of cubic zirconia are as follows: 6A (the greatest quality, no other type of Cubic Zirconia Diamond can compare to the standard set by this Cubic Zirconia Diamond 6A in terms of quality),  AAAAA, AAA, AA, A, and AB (the lowest quality). In contrast, the lowest grade stones are typically murky and mushy, whilst the finest quality stones are firm and clear. The majority of cubic zirconia stones on the market now are categorized as AAA grade stones.

Cubic Zirconia Stones: How Are They Rated? 

Several factors go into determining the final score. CZs are graded using the same criteria as diamonds: the Four Cs.

Cut, Clarity, Color, and Carat are the four Cs.

Grade A:

Many crafters use Cubic Zirconia's lower quality grades to accent their work. They are suited for the maker who wants a lot of sparkle, and volume at a lower cost. , These A-rated stones are not fine jewelry grade, but in the craft world, they are highly sought after.

Grade AAA:

CZ stones that are graded AAA are often more highly polished than CZ stones that are rated A.   They have a tendency to be more shiny than the lower graded CZ but they do lack the level of finishing and facets found in higher graded stones. You may see some polish marks on the surfaces as a result of this.

Grade AAAAA:

These are the finest stones available. They are made by the finest stone cutters and polished in the same manner as a top-rated Diamond. These stones are so close to diamonds in appearance and are put in the same style of mountings that it would be hard to distinguish them apart. These are high-quality, but reasonably priced, options for those seeking an exquisite item without the staggering price tag.